Cleaning recommendations

KERALUX® Strong Cleaner

for all types of leather

This Strong Cleaner removes stronger soilings (no greasy stains).

Shake bottle well. Apply some KERALUX® Strong Cleaner to a soft sponge and cause foam by squeezing it. Never apply it directly to the leather. Now clean the leather with light circular movements to remove the dirt. Clean the sponge periodically in lukewarm water. Let the foam soak in briefly on dirtier areas. After cleaning wipe the leather with a damp cotton cloth. Use distilled water to prevent lime deposits. Always clean the whole area of the leather from seam to seam. Let the leather dry thoroughly.

A slight colour enhancement after application of KERALUX® Soft Cleaner on pure aniline or nubuck leather is quite normal and will fade in time.

Keep out of reach of children. Pretest on a hidden area. Follow instructions. Best before: 36 months from date of manufacture.


KERALUX® Cleaning Glove

For all types of leather, textile and artificial leather (do not use on silk seat covers)

The Cleaning Glove is suitable to remove dust regularly from your leather, textile and artificial leather upholstery.

We recommend to vaccum clean textile upholstery first with a clean and soft upholstery nozzle at max. 500 W).

Put some distilled water on the glove and wipe the upholstery with the damp glove.

So superficial soilings from daily use will be removed.

A weekly application spends the upholstery moisture and makes your furniture look beautiful and fresh.

For sensitive covering materials, which fibres tend to stick together, the cleaning glove is
used dryly. Before use, pretest on a hidden area.

The Cleaning Glove is washable up to 60 °C (please do not use fabric softener).


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