What is commonly understood as ennoblement?

The Woxikon (http://synonyme.woxikon.de/synonyme-englisch) provides the following synonyms:

To ennoble is i.e. to refine, dignify, enhance, cheer, elevate, erect, support, foster, promote, raise, exalt

In general ennoblement is therefore an improvement. In leathermaking this step is called finishing.

The finishing is done by applying one or more layers of synthetics which can contain pigments or soluble dyes. The finishing certainly aims for beautification, on the other hand serves also as a protection of the leather surface, achieves a uniform surface coloring with different gloss levels and/or particular fashion effects. In either case finishing increases the value in use.

HELCOR ennobles split leather by using a patented finishing process. A razor-thin polyurethane layer is applied on silicone moulds which are produced inhouse. With a mix of waterborne chemicals, pressure and heat the layer is bound inseparably to the leather and discloses a huge variety of design ideas.