HELCOR HealthCARE Leather

HELCOR leather can now be used in medical areas, where it is about care, hygiene and health in particular.

Requirements in medical surroundings are particularly high, i.e. the international standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 describes the maximum release of cytotoxic concentrations.

HELCOR was able to reach this standard with a new leather finish (which is filed for patent) and is now approved for the use of leather in sickbeds, chairs, wheelchairs, etc.

The often asked question is: Why would someone want leather in medical areas? This is for sure too expensive.

The counterquestion we then ask is: Why should someone, who is bound to a wheelchair for life or who can move only with the help of medical devices, renounce the comfort and warmth of leather and sit or lie on cold articificial leather or a fabric? And what exactly is too expensive?

HELCOR leather nowadays is affordable luxury. Particularly in a segment which is enforcedly part of the life of many people, HELCOR provides well-being and a good feeling with its HealthCARE Leather.

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